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Pygal - A Python SVG graph plotting library

Very good Python library for building SVG or PNG files from your data. It can plot main statistical charts, as well as world map.

A disadvantage of this library, it is not well supported anymore and documentation is out of date. Further more, the map is only available for world, France and Swiss.

In order to work with this library, it is necessary to install further modules:

pip install pygal   # Pygal itself
pip install cairosvg # SVG to PNG converter
pip install pygal_maps_world # Library with the world map
pip install pygal_maps_fr    # Library with the France map
pip install pygal_maps_ch    # Library with Swiss map

Pygal chart types

Pygal can do a lot of different chart types:

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Histogram
  • XY
  • Pie
  • Radar
  • Box
  • Dot
  • Funnel
  • Basic
  • SolidGauge
  • Gauge
  • Pyramid
  • Treemap
  • Maps

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Published: 2022-07-27 14:23:06
Updated: 2022-08-01 02:47:03

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