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Wordcloud in Python

About WordCloud

wordcloud - Word cloud is a technique for visualising frequent words in a text where the size of the words represents their frequency.

To use wordcloud you need to install:

  • wordcloud - library to making word cloud
  • matplotlib - library for plottong, used by other libraries, like wordcloud
I will also use the following libraries:
  • pillow - to create image
  • wikipedia - to find a lot of text data

How to install WordCloud

Simple way to install wordcloud is to use pip install wordcloud or conda install -c conda-forge wordcloud, but for proper instalation of the last version is better to use the following commands

git clone
cd word_cloud
pip install .

Draw simple wordcloud

import wikipedia
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from wordcloud import WordCloud, STOPWORDS
import re

wiki ='Cebu')        # Get text from wikipedia
text = wiki.content                  # Extract the plain text content of the page
text = re.sub(r'==.*?==+', '', text) # Clean text

# Define a function to plot word cloud
def plot_cloud(wordcloud):
    plt.imshow(wordcloud)        # Display image

# Generate word cloud
wordcloud = WordCloud( max_words=100,              # number of words (200-default)
                       width = 1024, height = 800, # size of the image
                       random_state=1,             # define colour selection
                       background_color='black',   # background colour
                       colormap='rainbow',         # type of world coloring
                       collocations=True,          # use or not collocations of two words
                       stopwords = STOPWORDS       # excluded words
                     ).generate(text)              # method if generating

plot_cloud(wordcloud)                       # draw image
wordcloud.to_file("cebu.jpg")               # Save image

And the result is:

WordCloud for Cebu from Wikipedia
WordCloud for Cebu from Wikipedia
Simple calculated WordCloud for text about Cebu from wikipedia.
Original image: 1024 x 800

Published: 2021-09-30 03:59:11
Updated: 2021-09-30 11:40:58

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